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Can you use Epic or GlossX to get a Demi effect (Deposit Only)?

Yes, on both of our color lines Epic or GlossX you simply have to use our 7 Volume developer to give you a demi-permanent effect. Deposit Only no lift.

How can I become an educator of California Glam?

As the brand grows we will eventually expand our education team. Please know that the educators are selected from within our customer base, since you must know the products very well and be using our products in your salon for at least a year to be considered for a education position. Lastly, we require our educators to be very active in social media sharing their California Glam work, so a good way to catch our attention to your work is to be very active in social media posting work with our products and tagging us.

Where can I purchase California Glam?

If you are a consumer our hair color is not sold to consumers and only sold to hair salons and licensed colorists to use in the salon. Our retail hair care products are only sold to consumers by salons and licensed stylists. If your salon doesn’t carry our products, we would appreciate it if you please provide them a link to our website so they can get to know our products and hopefully start carrying our line.

If you are a licensed professionals interested in California Glam  please see our Where to buy section

What is PPD and why would I need PPD Free hair color in my salon?

Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) is a chemical substance that is widely used as a permanent hair dye. There are many people that with time can become allergic to PPD. This is why we created Epic hair color which is PPD Free formula, the ingredient used as substitute in Epic is para-toluenediamine sulfate (PTDS) which is currently the least allergic of the substitutes available to PPD and because of research & development by our factory in Italy, the performance of Epic hair color formula is just as good or better than PPD color.

Are you planning on launching shampoo and conditioner?

We are a very new boutique brand and started the launch with the hair color segment of our product portfolio which as you know is the most complex but it’s also our expertise. Epic Hair color launched last year 2017 with 34 shades currently and 6 more to come for a total of 40 shades and GlossX hair color was launched just earlier this year 2018 with 97 shades which includes the metallic series. On the styling side we currently have the 13in1 Leave In Spray Mask which is a must have not only on your station but in your retail shelves. Now that the color is launched we also have several new exciting products on our product launch road-map , currently testing among them is the 13in1 shampoo and conditioner which we hope to launch 2nd quarter of 2019.

What’s the outline of the benefits of the line?

High quality at an incredible price point with the best ingredients and technology used in manufacturing of all our products. As to the brand our company moto is “We are professional hair products that empower YOU to be the brand” in other words we are your high quality tool that helps you shine. We repost our customers work constantly on Instagram to help promote their work.

What is the smallest intro kit?

You can see all our intro kits at